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Ford Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan Agendas and Minutes


Agendas and Minutes
Agenda 30th January 2017 [pdf] 77KB Minutes 30th January 2017 [pdf] 106KB
Agenda 28th March 2017 [pdf] 85KB  
  Minutes 11th February 2016 [pdf] 101KB
  Minutes 7th March 2016 [pdf] 97KB
  Minutes 9th May 2016 [pdf] 103KB
Agenda 13th October 2016 [pdf] 88KB Minutes 13th October 2016 [pdf] 143KB
Agenda 1st December 2016 [pdf] 80KB No Clerk available to take minutes
Agenda 14th December 2015 [pdf] 97KB Minutes 14th December 2015 [pdf] 96KB
Agenda 2nd November 2015 [docx] 34KB  
Agenda 28th September 2015 [pdf] 94KB Agenda 28th September 2015 [pdf] 94KB
Agenda 28th July 2015 [pdf] 103KB Minutes 28th July 2015 [pdf] 102KB
Agenda 7th July 2015 [pdf] 120KB Minutes 7th July 2015 [pdf] 106KB
Agenda 2nd June 2015 [pdf] 60KB Minutes 2nd June 2015 [pdf] 96KB
Agenda 12th May 2015 [pdf] 57KB Minutes 12th May 2015 [pdf] 77KB
Agenda 20th April 2015 [pdf] 57KB  
  Minutes 23rd January 2014 [pdf] 80KB
Agenda 27th February 2014 [pdf] 109KB Minutes 27th February 2014 [pdf] 62KB
  Minutes 13th March 2014 [pdf] 57KB
Agenda 10th April 2014 [pdf] 98KB Minutes 10th April 2014 [pdf] 77KB
Agenda 8th May 2014 [pdf] 75KB Minutes 8th May 2014 [pdf] 66KB
  Minutes 5th June 2014 [pdf] 60KB
  Minutes 15th July 2014 [pdf] 38KB
  Minutes 16th September 2014 [pdf] 118KB
Agenda 16th October 2014 [pdf] 58KB  
  Minutes 18th November 2014 [pdf] 94KB
  Minutes 20th February 2013 [pdf] 722KB
  Minutes 6th March 2013 [pdf] 83KB
  Minutes 2nd May 2013 [pdf] 853KB
  Minutes 22nd May 2013 [pdf] 754KB
  Minutes 5th June 2013 [pdf] 549KB
  Minutes 12th May 2012 [pdf] 385KB


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